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Serum for skin

2017-12-08 00:00:00

Country of origin Poland, Kirn France , Kosmedik laboratories in Russia, Laboratuar Indyustriel de Vichy France

Farm Group Skin care

Manufacturers Eveline laboratoriesPolsha, Kirn France , Kosmedik LaboratoriRossiya, Laboratuar Indyustriel de Vichy France

International name for the skin

Synonyms tanning Active Care , Ampoules "Arnaud", Antgelios Aqua Le 50+ Antgelios Fluid 40 Antgelios Fluid 50+ Antipigment-Lekker , balm for hands and nails , Vaseline cosmetic Vitaskin , gel for eyelids and lips, gel for breast Gel lip gel correction

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