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Gottlieb Sigismund Kirchhoff Constantine

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Kirchhoff on f Constantine Gottlieb Sigismund [02/19/1764, grouse, Mecklenburg-Schwerin-1426.2.1833, Petersburg] Russian chemist, academician of the Petersburg Academy of Sciences 1812; Corresponding Member of 1807. In 1792-1802 he worked at the St. Petersburg main pharmacy. In 1797 Kirchhoff proposed a method of producing wet vermilion, in 1807-a method of purifying liquid oils with concentrated sulfuric acid. In 1811, reported the conversion of starch into sugar in the presence of dilute acids. In 1814 opened the enzyme contained in the extract of the seeds germinated barley and carrying out saccharification of starch cm. Amylase. Kirchhoff`s research formed the basis for one of the first industrial catalytic processes of molasses and glucose from starch. Known work of Kirchhoff technical chemistry, the analysis of minerals and others.

Lit .: Osinkin AA, The life and work of academician K. Kirchoff, "Tr. Institute of History of Science and Technology, Academy of Sciences of the USSR. History of Chemistry ", 1960, t. 30, p. 252-287 is a list of publications Kirchhoff.

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