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The mechanism of visual perception
The mechanism of visual perception In the vertebrate retina contains two types of photoreceptor cells: rods and cones. Coli are sensitive to light, and cones are responsible for color perception.

Biosynthesis of membrane lipids and fats
Biosynthesis of membrane lipids and fats Explanation and example

Dehydrogenase keto acids
Dehydrogenase keto acid In the intermediary metabolism are multienzyme complexes that catalyze a complex multi-step reaction of oxidative decarboxylation of 2-keto acid and transfer the resulting acyl residue on Coenzyme A. acts as an electron acceptor NAD +. Furthermore, in reactions involving tiamindifosfata, lipoamide and FAD.

Chemistry of carbohydrates
Chemistry Carbohydrates A. Reactions of monosaccharides in the metabolism involving various derivatives of monosaccharides. It discusses only the main reactions of carbohydrates for example, D-glucose.

Allosteric regulation
allosteric regulation As an example of allosteric regulation in this section, we consider the regulation of Aspartate carbamoyltransferase ACP-ase-the key enzyme of the pyrimidine biosynthesis, see.

The control of transcription
transcriptional control A. Regulatory proteins function In all cells Gene Expression cm. S. 234 is controlled by regulatory proteins that bind to specific DNA sequence DNA and thus stimulate IPT inhibit gene transcription transcriptional control , see.

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