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Perfluoro-2-methyl-1-ene Perfluoroisobutene
Substance: perfluoro-2-methyl-1-ene Perfluoroisobutene Code: 947 Agr. Ed.: liquid/gas Hazard: 947 MPC s/s: n/ MPC m/p: n/ OEL: 0.001 VOC: no

Phosphoric acid ester dialkilpolietilenglikolevy. sodium Oksifos-23A
Substance: phosphoric acid ester dialkilpolietilenglikolevy. Sodium Hazard: 254 MPC s/s: n/ MPC m/p: n/ OEL:

Dust polymethylmethacrylate
Substance: Dust Hazard: 2947 MPC s/s: n/ MPC m/p: n/ OEL: 0.1 VOC: no

Dust n-paraffins. ceresin
Substance: Dust n-paraffins. ceresin Code: 2988 Agr. Ed.: liquid/gas Hazard: 2988 MPC s/s: n/ MPC m/p: n/ OEL: 0.6 VOC: no

4-nitrobenzoic acid chloride of the acid chloride of p-nitrobenzoic acid
Substance: 4-nitrobenzoic acid chloride acid chloride p-nitrobenzoic acid Code: 3301 Agr. Ed.: liquid/gas Hazard: 3301 MP

Ethanedioic acid oxalic acid
Substance: ethanedioic acid Hazard: 1591 MPC s/s: n/ MPC m/p: n/ OEL: 0.015 VOC: no

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