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Category Medicine  

Country of origin Ukraine, Microbe RNIPI Russian Farm Group Immunoglobulins Manufacturers Biolik-Kharkiv enterprise pr-woo immunobio

Country of origin Russia Farm Group BAA-sources of flavonoids Manufacturers Handicap-FarmRossiya International name Sophia. Va

Actrapid HM Pentheus
Country of origin Denmark Farm Group short-acting insulins Manufacturers Novo Nordisk A/Odan International name soluble human insulin genetically engineered Synonyms Actrapid

Diaper pants
Country of origin Finland, Sweden SCA Hygiene Products Farm Group Medical goods Manufacturers Delipap OiFinlyandiya, SCA Hygiene ProdaktsShvetsiya International na

Farm Group radiocontrast agents International name Yofendilat Synonyms Miodil , Neyrotrast

Vero etoposide
Country of origin India Farm Group Alkaloids and other cytostatic-VA herbal Manufacturers Okas Pharma India International name Etoposide Synonyms Vepeside , Lastet , Fitozid , Etozid , etoposide , etoposide-Lance, etoposide-Teva, etoposide-Ebewe, Etopos Dosage forms solution for injection 100 mg/5 ml, 50mg capsules The composition of the active substance -etoposide . Indications for use cell lung cancer, lung cancer, testicular , horionkartsinoma, Ewing sarcoma , Kaposi`s sarcoma , neuroblastoma, rhabdomyosarcoma, cancer, breast cancer, non-Hodgkin`s lymphoma, Hodgkin`s disease , acute myeloid leukemia . Hypersensitivity , neutropenia, thrombocytopenia, abnormal liver function and kidney , pregnancy . Side effects myelosuppression , necrotic enteropathy, toxic hepatitis, aretrialnaya hypotension with rapid intravenous administration, cardiac dysfunction.

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