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Dibasic triatomic hydroxy acids. Tartronic acid and yablocheaya
The simplest of the dibasic acid hydroxy acids is oksimalonovaya SNONSOON 2 , called tartronic. It can be obtained from bromomalonic acid under the influence of her wet silver oxide and acid recovery mezoksalevoy SOSOON 2 . Tartronic acid-a crystalline substance with m. Pl. 187 & deg; C. The melting it cleaves carbon dioxide and release water turns into polymers partially glycolide.

Wolfsbane and muconic acid
Tribasic aconitic acid, CH 2 COOH UNSMs = CH-COOH Tran s-isomer melts at 194-195 & deg; With very widespread in the plant kingdom, for example contained in sugar cane, beets.

Alcohols fusel oils
The fractional distillation of fusel oil can be recovered from them homologous alcohols C 3 H 7 OH, C 4 H 9 OH and C 5 H 11 OH. These alcohols are primary.

Hydrocarbons number of acetylene alkynes
The general formula of C n H 2n-2 . Two trivalent radical CH radical Metheny, or methine form molecules with 2 H 2 . Hydrocarbon composition of this, called acetylene, is attributed to the structure of SN≡SN with triple, or acetylene, bond between carbon atoms.

Mucopolysaccharides got its name because a number of substances in this class has a mucous consistency tisor -Lat. mucus. For mucopolysaccharides characterized in their molecules a significant amount of amino residues and uronic acids.

Methods for producing
Diatomic monobasic hydroxy acids can be obtained in the following ways: 1. Oxidation of whether Mr. ruts, containing at least one group pervichnospirtovuyu CH 2 OH: 2. Halogen exchange for hydroxyl in galoidkislotah: 3. Restoring aldegidokislot and ketonokislot: 4. Addition of water to unsaturated acids ethylenically unsaturated: When this hydroxyl is attached to a carbon atom, more distant from the carboxyl.

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