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Synonyms: mercaptan Appearance: gas Gross Hill formula system: CH 4 S Formula as text: CH3SH The molecular weight of at AU .m .: 4

O, O-diethyl-S-etiltiofosfat
The lethal dose LD50 in mg/kg: 0,5 rats orally Sources of information: Frank Z. "Chemical warfare agents" M. v.1: Chemistry, 1973 p. 338

Cob alt chloride hexahydrate
Appearance: red. monoclinic crystals The crystal forms, color solutions and vapors: Gross Hill formula system: H 1 2 Cl 2 CoO 6 Formula as text: CoCl2 6h2O The molecular weight in amu .: 237,93 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C: 49 Solubility in g/100 g or characteristic: water: very soluble methanol: very soluble ethanol: very soluble Weight: 1,92 20 & deg; C, g/cm 3 The standard enthalpy of formation of & Delta; H 298 K, kJ/mol: -1735,9 t Additional information: It reacts with thionyl chloride at the expense of water of crystallization with change of color crystals purple anhydrous cob alt chloride and noticeable decrease in temperature of the reaction mixture.

Nickel II geksaftornikellat VI
Appearance: black. Gross Hill formula system: F 6 Ni 2 Formula as text: Ni2F6 method: 1. get a response Dioxygen difluoride with nickel difluoride. Additional information: Strong fluoroxidizer.

Appearance: gas Gross Hill formula system: CH 3 NO 2 Formula as text: CH3ONO The molecular weight in amu .: 61,04 melting point & deg

The method of obtaining one. laboratory synthesis Source: MV Rubtsov, Baychikov AG "Synthetic Chemical pharmaceuticals" M. 1971 p. 157 A solution of 2.65 kg of gamma ketobutilmalonovogo oxime ester in 11.3 liters of alcohol was hydrogenated for 5-6 hours at a temperature of 90-100 ° C and a pressure of 100 atm in the presence of 0.26 kg of Raney nickel.

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