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Metrology in Eastern Europe and the CIS
Among the countries of Central and Eastern Europe there are those where the metrology has a centuries-old tradition of-Germany, Russia, the former CMEA countries Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia.

Certification and technical barriers to trade
The emergence of certification associated with the provision of consumer satisfaction guarantees on goods bought them the requirements of specific standards. With the development of its certification became obvious positive impact on trade relations between States: time for obtaining permission to import significantly reduced for certified products; not required to retest in the host country, if it recognized certificate provider.

The procedure of certification of products
The procedure of certification in Russia is set Standard Resolution of the Russian Federation in 1994 in relation to the compulsory certification including imported products, but can also be used with the voluntary certification.

The Japanese Industrial Standards Committee
The National Organization for Standardization Japan-Japanese Industrial Standards Committee JISC-founded in 1949. It is an advisory body under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, subordinate to the Office of Science and Technology, which approves work plans JISC, and the standardization of the management department, in effect, role of the secretariat JISC.

Certification of exported goods
Certification in International Trade-a means of non-tariff regulation, the meaning of which is to protect the rights of consumers of their country when importing and promoting the success of manufacturers exporting to foreign markets.

LEGAL BASIS metrology
In 1993, the Law of the Russian Federation On Uniformity of Measurements . Before there was essentially no legislation in the field of metrology.

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