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In he althy adult human liver weight on average 1.5 kg. Some researchers believe that this value should be considered as the lower limit of normal, and the fluctuation range of 20 to 60 g per 1 kg of body weight.

The exchange of sulfur-containing amino acids
In a protein molecule found three sulfur-containing amino acids Me-thionine, cysteine and cystine, metabolically closely related to each other. Due to the presence of highly reactive Cysteine SH-groups in the lung tissue performed enzymatic redox reaction between cysteine and cystine.

The blood cells
The man in 1 ml of blood contains 5 • 106 Erythrocytes red blood cells, which are formed in the bone marrow. Mature red blood cells of humans and other mammals lack a nucleus and almost entirely filled with hemoglobin.

SOME FEATURES OF CHEMICAL COMPOSITION cardiac muscle and smooth muscle
The heart muscle on the content of a number of chemical compounds occupies an intermediate position between skeletal muscle and smooth muscle.

Energy sources, muscle activity
It is considered that the process is directly related to the working mechanism of striated muscle fiber is the breakdown of ATP to form ADP and inorganic phosphate. The question arises: how muscle cells can provide a contractile apparatus sufficient energy in the form of ATP, t. E. The way in which the process of muscle activity is a continuous re-synthesis of this compound? First of all, resynthesis of ATP is provided by transphosphorylation of ADP with creatine phosphate.

Classification of lipids
There are several classifications of lipids. The most widespread classification based on the structural features of lipid. According to this classification distinguishes the following major lipid classes.

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