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In the nephron occur three main processes: filtration in the glomeruli, reabsorption and secretion in the tubules.

The role of mediators in the transmission of nerve impulses
Communication billion neurons in the brain is done through mediators. Chemicals can be considered as mediators only if it satisfies a number of criteria.

The group haemoproteins include hemoglobin and its derivatives, mioglo-bin, chlorophyll proteins and enzymes, all of the cytochrome system, catalase and peroxidase.

Postsynthetic modification of proteins
on V, and last stage of protein synthesis is the formation of the tertiary structure and processing of the polypeptide molecules. Synthesized on ribosomes in strict accordance with the genetic program of one-dimensional linear polypeptide molecules already contains some information.

The fractionation and purification of proteins
After achieving complete extraction of proteins, ie. E. The translation of proteins in a dissolved state, proceed to the division-a mixture of proteins fractionated into individual proteins.

Wax -esters of higher fatty acids and higher monohydric or dihydric alcohol with carbon number from 16 to 22. General of the formula can be represented as: In these formulas, R, R` and R -Possible radicals.

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