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RULES forensic chemical examination of physical evidence
Forensic chemical examination of physical evidence research is carried out in accordance with the laws of the USSR and the Union Republics on he alth, criminal and criminal procedure codes of the Union republics, orders and regulations of the Ministry of He alth.

pahikarpin-an alkaloid contained in the aerial parts of Sophora tolstoplodnoy. In smaller quantities pahikarpin contained in the leaves lanceolate Thermopsis and some other plants.

Of lead compounds
The use and toxicity of lead compounds. Of the various lead compounds have the highest arsenate toxicological importance, acetate, chromate, carbonate, chloride, nitrate, and a number of other metal s alts.

Metabolism of foreign compounds
The substances entering the body with food and drugs and other compounds by the enzymes undergo various transformations.

Carbon tetrachloride
Carbon tetrachloride CCl 4 -clear liquid with a smell so. Bales. 75-77 & deg; C. It is mixed in any ratio with acetone, benzene, gasoline, carbon disulfide and other organic solvents. In water at 20 & deg; C dissolves about 0.01% carbon tetrachloride.

Papaverine is one of the alkaloids of opium, which contains 0.1-1.5% of this alkaloid. Papaverine and obtained by synthesis. In medical practice, a papaverine hydrochloride.

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