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The reason for the conclusion of ammonia poisoning is pronounced alkaline reaction to phenolphthalein of aqueous extract of the dead bodies and the presence of the extract of ammonium ions.

Chromium compounds
Application and toxicity of chromium compounds. Chromium compounds are widely used in various sectors of the economy. They are used in the leather and textile industries, are used for chrome plating of metal products for the manufacture of matches, paints, film and photographic film.

Reactions to differentiate from each other chlorine derivatives
The above described reaction, which can be detected using chloroform, chloral hydrate, carbon tetrachloride and 1,2-dichloroethane.

EFFECT OF pH ON THE ISOLATION alkaloids, and other nitrogenous bases from biological material
When using the previously proposed methods for the isolation of alkaloids from biological material in the analysis there are always some loss of these substances. Furthermore, these results highlight alkaloids methods are not reproducible.

Heptachlor vezikol 104 geptazol, heptanal et al.-1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 8-endometilenbitsiklo heptachlor [4.3.0] nonadiene, 1,5-a member of the group polihlortsiklodiena toxic chemicals.

Barbital veronal-5,5-dietilbarbiturovaya-acid is a white crystalline powder. As a pharmaceutical preparation used sodium barbital called Medinai. Barbital dissolved in ethanol 1: 15 diethyl ether 1: 40, 1 chloroform: 75 water 1: 160.

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