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Category Carbohydrates  

The structure and diversity of oligosaccharides
The monosaccharides-polyfunctional compounds. Many of their reactions are due, as we have seen, mainly the carbonyl group. In others, they act primarily as alcohols.

Support functions
animal cells between, on the one hand, and the bacterial and plant-with another, there are several fundamental differences. These include differences in the habitat of these cells. Cells animal body immersed in a liquid medium specially created-the blood or lymph.

The structure of monosaccharides
elementary units of higher carbohydrates, as well as low molecular weight derivatives of this class are monosaccharides. In typical cases, their molecules contain a saturated straight chain of five or six carbon atoms, each of which bears a hydroxy substituent and one oxidized to the aldehyde or ketone group.

The structure of the polysaccharides
The carbohydrate chains, built on the principle of oligosaccharides can continue almost indefinitely. This creates high-molecular structure-polysaccharides.

NMR spectroscopy
Unlike mass spectrometry, we shall not present here in any detail the physical foundations of NMR spectroscopy. The fact that the theory of this method and principles of operation of instruments is much more difficult than in mass spectrometry, and our book is devoted primarily sugar.

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