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Category terms of Biochemistry  

Acromacria arachnodactyly
acromacria arachnodactyly --cm. Marfan syndrome.

Glucuronic acid glucuronic acid
glucuronic acid glucuronic acid -monobasic organic acids formed from D-glucose oxidation at its primary hydroxyl groups.

Blood blood group
blood group blood group -Immunogenetic signs of blood that contribute to the specificity of erythrocyte agglutination, analyzed by mixing the blood of various animals. At the moment a man known to many blood group system AB0, Bombay, Duffy, Dombrock, Kell, Kidd, Lewis, Auberger, Lutheran, MN, P. Property blood groups-stability throughout their lives in the formation in early ontogeny.

Cytokinin cytokinin
cytokinin cytokinin -Cytokinins-plant hormones, derivatives of 6-aminopurine, in the presence of auxin to induce cell division, activate the numerous physiological processes, and so on. D. In flowering plants, the largest number of cytokinin characteristic of meristematic tissue.

Zinc finger zinc finger proteins
zinc finger zinc finger proteins -One of the major groups of DNA-binding proteins. Are transcriptional regulators contain a characteristic domain that includes two cysteine and one histidine residue.

Embryogenesis embryogenesis
Embryogenesis embryogenesis -stage of ontogenesis from zygote to the hatching of the eggs, and mammals-the earliest characterized by t

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