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Category terms of Biochemistry  

Embryogenesis embryogenesis
Embryogenesis embryogenesis -stage of ontogenesis from zygote to the hatching of the eggs, and mammals-the earliest characterized by t

The hemoglobin hemoglobin, haemoglobin
The hemoglobin hemoglobin, haemoglobin -red iron-containing pigment, reversibly bind oxygen and provides its transportation has many invertebrates and almost all vertebrates.

Cell culture cell culture
cell culture cell culture -A special case of tissue culture in vitro when cultured individual cells or a single cell, usually related to a single tissue

Domestication domestication
domestication domestication -The domestication process of transformation of wild animals and plants in the home culture, accompanied by an adaptation of

The epitope epitope
The epitope epitope -antigenic determinants-a group of amino acid residues of a protein antigen or a portion of the polysaccharide chain,

Decondensation decondensation
decondensation decondensation --cm. Despiralization.

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