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isopropyl and ester, diisopropyl ether, aliphatic ether, CH 3 2 CHOCHCH 3 2 ; colorless mobile liquid with a characteristic odor of ether; t boiling point 68,5 ° C, the density of 0.7244 g/cm 3 20 ° C, n 20 D 1,3681, t GSP -22,5 ° C, in air explosive limits 1,1-4,5% by volume to 100 ° C. At 20 ° C, dissolved in water 0.94% isopropyl ether, isopropyl ether-0.55% by weight water.

Essential oils
eff and polar oil and , odorous substances that are produced by Essential Oils and cause their smell. Synthesis of essential oils occur in special cells of various organs of plants.

Anabazinsulf and t, is one of the chemicals pest control, see. Insecticides.

Adult s aPTT substances and explosives, chemical compound or mixture of substances capable of rapid chemical reaction accompanied by the release of large amounts of heat and gas formation.

Veil photographic
Wu and l photographer and cal, the formation of metallic silver or dyes manifestation unexposed black-and-white or color photographic multilayer material.

The optical isomers
Opt and cal isomer and I , one of the types of spatial isomerism.

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