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Pier on Liz from the Greek. p & yacute; r-fire, heat and l & yacute; sis-expansion, decomposition, converting the organic compounds as a result of their degradation under the action of heat.

Felice Fontana
Font and on Fontana Felice 04.15.1730, Pomarolo, near Rovereto-01.11.1805, Florence, Italian chemist and naturalist . Professor of the University of Pisa, the director of the Museum of Natural History in Florence.

Silicone fluids
Kremniyorgan and cal w and dkosti, silicone oils, organosiloxane oligomers or polymers of low molar mass flow capable of retaining a wide range of temperatures.

acetyl on n, dimethyl ketone, CH 3 COCH 3 , simplest ketone, a colorless liquid with a characteristic odor; the boiling temperature of 56,2 ° C, the melting temperature of-94,9 ° C, the density of 790.8 kg/m 3 , mixed in all respects with water, alcohol, ether.

Bikram and you, bichromate s alt; cm. dichromate.

Calcium cyanamide
To and ltsiya cyan and d, CaCN 2 is the same as calcium cyanamide.

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