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Colloidal chemistry and environmental problems of the hydrosphere
In the domestic industry has been neglected the prevention of water pollution. A huge amount of wastewater undefined reset and reset into open water-rivers, streams, and lakes of non-flowing.

The optical properties of colloidal systems scattering of light in sols
If colloidal systems observe in passing and side light, we can see an interesting phenomenon: colorless sol in transmitted light appears transparent, and side light-cloudy; light beam passing through the sol leaves the light strip therein.

The water-soluble cellulose ethers
Cellulose is one of the most important natural macromolecular substances, on the basis of which to create a large number of materials for various purposes.

The influence of the structure of surfactant molecules on the CMC
When explaining the results of the study of the influence of molecular structure and composition of surfactant solutions on the critical micelle concentration CMC is often associated with the properties of the micelles, for example, in solutions of ionic surfactants with the charge density on the surface.

Coarse system
The coarse system, which include suspensions, emulsions, foams and sprays, differing in the phase composition of the dispersed phase and the dispersion medium are considered in one section of the course colloid chemistry owing to the generality of such properties, which are determined by the size of the dispersed phase.

Foam. General concepts and application of foams
The foams are inherently close to the concentrated emulsion, the dispersed phase but in them is gas and not liquid. Foams produced from solutions of surfactants.

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