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diethyl of C 6 H 4 EPS 2 H 5 2 , they say. m. 222.24; bestsv. odorless liquid; t. pl.-3 & deg; C, t. Bales. 298-299 & deg; C and 156 & deg; C/10 mm Hg .; d 4 20 1,118, n D 20 1,5000; h 10,06 MPa . s; g 35,3 mN/m 20,5 & deg; C; sol.

Of the wave function
wave function , see. Quantum mechanics. === App. Literature for this article "wave function» : unknown Page "wave fun

Carnitine from the Latin. saro, born. case carnis-meat betaine 3-hydroxy-4-trimetilaminomaslyanoy to-you, supposedly. m. 161.21; bestsv.

lyase , a class of enzymes that catalyze the district of, as a result of to-ryh the cleavage of the C-C, C-O, C-N or al., Accompanied by the formation double bonds, as well as the inverse of the district-accession to the double bond.

LACTIC ACID 2-hydroxy-propionic-ta CH 3 SNONSOON, they say. m. 90.1; bestsv. crystals. Known D + lactic-ta, D--Dairy meat and dairy-ta and racemic. Lactic acid-lactic fermentation-ta. For D, L-and D-lactic acid, m.p. respectively.

rubidium from the Latin. rubidus-red; rubidium Rb, chem. element I c. periodicity. system at. n. 37 at. m. 85.4678; refers to alkali metals. In nature, occurs in the form of a mixture stub. isotope 85 Rb 72,15% and radioactive 87 Rb 27,85%; T 1/2 4,8 • 10 10 s, b -izluchatel.

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