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Category Pharmaceutics  

Tsiklodol Cyclodolum. 1-Фенил-1-циклогексил-3-N-пиперидино-пропанола-1-гидрохлорид. Synonyms: Parkinsan, Parkopan, romparquine, Anti-Sras, Antitrem, Aparkan, Artane, Benzhexol hydrochoride, Pacitane, Parkan, Parkinsan, Parkopan, Peragit, Pipanol, Romparkin, Tremin, Trihetphenidili hydrochloridum, Trihexyphenidyl hydrochloride, Triphenidyl, Trixyl and others.

Arpenans Arpenalum. y-diphenyl ether Dietilaminopropilovogo acid hydrochloride. White, crystalline poroshok.Ochen easily soluble in water, soluble in alcohol.

Carbochromen Sarbocromenum *. 3-b-Диэтиламиноэтил-4-метил-7-карбэтоксиметокси-2-оксо-1,2хромена hydrochloride. Synonyms: Intenkordin, Intensain, Antiangor, Carbochromen, Cardiocap, Chromonar, Cromene, Intencordin, Intensacrom, Intensain, Intercordin.

The extract madder dye dry
EXTRACT madder dyeing DRY Ehtrastum Rubiae tinctorum siccum. The extract of the rhizomes and roots of perennial herbaceous plants madder dye Rubia tinctorum L. and Georgian madder Rubia iberica Fisch.

Mebendazole Mebendazolum. 5-Benzoyl-2-methoxycarbonylamino-benzimidazole. Synonyms: Vermoxum, Antioh, Mebensole, Mebutar, Medosil, Multielmin, Nesamin, Nemasole, Ovitelmin, Rantelmin, Pluriverm, Sirben, Telmin, Vermirax, Vermoh, Vertex, Vormin and others.

Yodopiron Iodopironum. Complex mixture polivinilpirrolidonyoda with potassium iodide. The yellow-brown amorphous powder, soluble in water slowly.

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