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Category Heterocycles  

Suggest: A.A.Avetisyan, G.G.Tokmadzhyan Check: L.Sh.Pirdzhanov, A.A.Agekyan Get In a round bottom flask equipped with a reflux condenser, was placed a solution of 22.7 g of 0.1 mole of 3-bromomethyl-4,4-dimethyl-2-carbethoxy-2-buten-4-olide cm. S. 19 in 300 ml of absolute ethanol and 7.6 g of thiourea 0.1 mol.

Ethyl-2-furoyl uksusnoi acid
Check: AA Arojan, GL Papayan. Get To a four neck round bottom flask of 300 ml capacity equipped with a stirrer mercury trap, dropping funnel and reflux condenser with a calcium chloride tube, was placed 24.8 g 0.177 mol freshly distilled ethyl furan-2-carboxylic acid m. Pl. 33-34 ° with stirring and heated in a water bath to a bath temperature of 75-80 °. At this temperature were added 2 g of sodium wire note 1 and poured slowly from a dropping funnel, 8.8 g of 9.8 ml acetate ester note 2. After dissolution of the sodium, the bath temperature is adjusted to 90-95 °, over 1g of sodium wire added slowly, dropwise, 8.8 g poured acetate ester.

2-methylfuran Sylvan
Suggest: A.L.Mndzhoyan, G.T.Tatevosyan Check: V.G.Afrikyan, G.L.Papayan Get in the distillation flask figure 1 A 150 ml capacity with a tube to a melting point of 108-109 degrees.

The methyl ester of 5-hlormetilfuran-2-carboxylic acid
Suggest: A.L.Mndzhoyan, M.T.Grigoryan Check: G.T.Tatevosyan, S.G.Agbalyan Get In necked round bottom flask equipped with a stirrer, a bent tube extending to the bottom of the flask, a gas outlet tube and thermometer were placed 126 g of 1 mole of methyl furan-2-carboxylic acid having a boiling point 180-181 degrees/760 mm, 250 ml of dry dichloroethane note 1, 45 g of paraformaldehyde in that, based on 1.5 mol of formaldehyde and 34 g of 0.25 mol of anhydrous zinc chloride.

Suggest: A.S.Noravyan, A.P.Mkrtchyan Check: A.Sh.Oganesyan, S.G.Kazaryan Get three-necked round bottom flask of 200 ml equipped with reflux condenser, ° 10 ml of diethylamine was added dropwise over 30 min.

Suggest: A.S.Noravyan, A.Sh.Oganisyan Check: G.O.Grigoryan, G.M.Avetisyan Get In a round bottom flask of 500 ml equipped with a stirrer and a reflux condenser were placed 14.2 g 0.05 mol 6,6-диметил-4-имино-2-тио-5,6-дигидро-8Н-пирано/4’,3’:4,5/тиено/2,3-d/-1,3-тиазина and 8.4 g of 0.15 mol of potassium hydroxide in 300 ml water.

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