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Country of origin Russia Farm Group Antipsychotics-substituted benzamides Manufacturers DalhimfarmRossiya International name Sulpiride Synonyms Betamak T100, T200 Betamak, Betamak T50 Betamax , Vero Sulpiride , the dogma , Prosulpin , Sulpiride , Eglonil Dosage forms solution for intramuscular injection, 100mg, 200mg tablets The composition of the active substance -sulpiride . Indications for use Schizophrenia including indolent form, accompanied by lethargy, confusion, acute and chronic psychosis, peptic ulcer and duodenal ulcers, migraine, dizziness, post-traumatic encephalopathy, conduct disorder in children.

TALLIYORGANICHESKIE CONNECTIONS , contain a link Tl-C. Naib. characterized by Comm. TlIII, DOS. types: R 3 T1, R 2 TlX and RTlX 2 R = Alk, Ar; X = Hal, OR` etc .. The compounds of the type R 3 Tl-kristallich.

diethyl of C 6 H 4 EPS 2 H 5 2 , they say. m. 222.24; bestsv. odorless liquid; t. pl.-3 & deg; C, t. Bales. 298-299 & deg; C and 156 & deg; C/10 mm Hg .; d 4 20 1,118, n D 20 1,5000; h 10,06 MPa . s; g 35,3 mN/m 20,5 & deg; C; sol.

Country of origin Russia Farm Group BAA-sources of flavonoids Manufacturers Handicap-FarmRossiya International name Syrup "Sophia. Gastric"

Ginseng syrup, rose hip, licorice
Country of origin Russia Farm Group BAA restorative effect Manufacturers AstromarRossiya International name Ginseng syrup , rose, licorice

Of the wave function
wave function , see. Quantum mechanics. === App. Literature for this article "wave function» : unknown Page "wave fun

Carnitine from the Latin. saro, born. case carnis-meat betaine 3-hydroxy-4-trimetilaminomaslyanoy to-you, supposedly. m. 161.21; bestsv.

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