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Polycyclic sistema
22.1. -For convenience, the numbering separate ring polycyclic o- condensed or ortho and peri- Condensed hydrocarbon systems usually depicted as follows: polycyclic system is arranged so that the largest number of rings and is in the horizontal row b, and the maximum number of rings and housed above the horizontal row of the right upper right quadrant.

Appearance: colorless. gas Gross-formula system Hill: Kr Formula as text: Kr The molecular weight in am

Synonyms: magnesium chloride hexahydrate Appearance: colorless. monoclinic crystals Gross Hill formula system: H 1 2 Cl

V chlorine fluoride
Synonyms: hlorpentaftorid Appearance: colorless. gas Gross-formula system Hill: ClF 5 The molecular weight in amu .: 130,44 The melting point in & deg ; C:-93 Boiling point in & deg; C:-13 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C: 250 Weight: 1 93-20 & deg; C, g/cm 3 Additional information: Water decomposes.

Xenon dichloride
Appearance: crystals Gross-formula system Hill: Cl 2 Xe Formula as text: XeCl2 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C : 80 Methods of producing: 1. Treatment of xenon difluoride terahloridom carbon.

Synonyms: hexamethylenetetramine hexamine methenamine urizol Appearance: colorless. rhombic crystals Gross Hill formula system: C 6 H 1 2 N 4 The molecular weight in amu .: 140,19 melting point & deg; C: 263 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C: 280 Solubility in g/100 g or characteristic: amyl alcohol: 1.84 20 & deg; C liquid ammonia: 1.3 20 & deg; C acetone soluble 0.65 20 & deg; C benzene: slightly soluble 0.23 20 & deg; C Water: 81.3 12 & deg; C water 167 20 & deg; C Glycerin: 20.5 20 & deg; C diethyl ether: insoluble 0.06 20 & deg; C xylene: 0.14 20 & deg; C methanol: 7.25 soluble 20 & deg; C petroleum ether: insoluble carbon disulfide: 0.17 20 & deg; C carbon tetrachloride: slightly soluble 0.85 20 & deg; C trichlorethylene: 0.11 20 & deg; C chloroform-soluble 13.4 20 & deg; C ethanol: 3.2 12 & deg; C ethanol: 2.89 20 & deg; C The taste, smell, hygroscopicity: taste: sweet Odor: odorless Weight: 1,331-5 & deg; C, g/cm 3 1.27 25 & deg; C, g/cm 3 The standard enthalpy of formation of & Delta; H 298 K, kJ/mol: -99,2 m Calorific value Q p kJ/mol: 4212 Analysis When heated with sulfuric acid, there is the smell of formaldehyde.

EKTERITSID Ectericidum. The preparation containing the water-soluble oxidation products, fish oil. Clear liquid with a specific smell, yellow; pH 2.8 3.2, an acid number of 1.5. Antibacterial activity. Proposed for the treatment of postoperative and traumatic festering wounds, boils, carbuncles, burns, weak healing wounds, trophic ulcers festering, sinus forms of osteomyelitis.

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