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Caffeine sodium benzoate
Country of origin Russia, ICN Polypharm Russia, ICN Tomskhimfarm Russia, Belmedpreparaty Belarus, Russian biochemist, Borisov Medical Preparations Plant Belarus, Russia Dalkhimpharm, Darnitsya Ukraine, Moscow Endocrine Factory Russia, Moskhimfarmprep Farm Group Psychomotor stimulants-purine derivatives and imidazole Manufacturers ICN OktyabrRossiya, ICN PolifarmRossiya, ICN TomskhimfarmRossiya, BelmedpreparatyBelarus, BiohimikRossiya, Borisov Plant of Medical preparatovBelarus, DalhimfarmRossiya, DarnitsaUkraina, Moscow Endocrine zavodRossiya International name Caffeine-sodium benzoate Dosage forms solution for injection 10% solution for injection 20%, tablets children 75mg, 100mg tablets tablets 200mg , substance 100g, 200g substance , 500g substance, substance Composition Caffeine-sodium benzoate . Indications for use Diseases accompanied by depression of central nervous system, cardiovascular system, respiratory system drug poisoning, infectious diseases, and vascular spasm dr.Pri brain to improve mental and physical performance, to eliminate sleepiness, respiratory disorders , enuresis in children.

ELECTRON MICROSCOPY , a set of electron-probe methods of investigation of the microstructure of solids, their local composition and microscopic fields of electrical, magnetic and others. With an electron microscope EM-devices, for to-ryh income increased.

EXPLOSION , the totality of the factors contributing to the possibility of formation of an explosive atmosphere in excess of 5% FREE.

p-methylacetophenone n-CH 3 C 6 H 4 AHFS 3 , they say. m. 134.18; bestsv. liquid with a strong floral-fruity odor crashed. p-re-bird cherry smell; mp 28 C, bp. 227 & deg; C; d 20 4 1,0051; n D 20 1,5335; vapor pressure 20 & deg; C 12.1 Pa; not sol.

METILDIHLORFOSFIT metoksidihlorfosfin, chlorine-dioxide Menshutkin CH 3 ORSl 2 , they say. m. 132.87; bestsv. mobile liquid with a sharp unpleasant smell; mp-91 & Deg; C, bp. 93 & deg; C; d 20 4 1,3980; n D 20 1,4773; sol.

ARSENIC chlorides
ARSENIC chlorides , see. Arsenic halides. === App. Literature for this article "arsenic chlorides» : unkno

HLORAKON Chloraconum. Benzylamide b-chloropropionic acid, or N-benzyl-b-hlorpropionamid. Synonyms: Beclamidum, Beclamide, Benzchlorpropamide, Hibicon, Nydrane, Posedrine and others. White or white with a faint yellowish white crystalline powder or shiny leaves.

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