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Appearance: gas Gross Hill formula system: CH 3 NO 2 Formula as text: CH3ONO The molecular weight in amu .: 61,04 melting point & deg

The method of obtaining one. laboratory synthesis Source: MV Rubtsov, Baychikov AG "Synthetic Chemical pharmaceuticals" M. 1971 p. 157 A solution of 2.65 kg of gamma ketobutilmalonovogo oxime ester in 11.3 liters of alcohol was hydrogenated for 5-6 hours at a temperature of 90-100 ° C and a pressure of 100 atm in the presence of 0.26 kg of Raney nickel.

Country of origin Russia, Azulene-Temryuk Russia, Astrakhan Pharmaceutical Factory Russia, Borisov Medical Preparations Plant Belarus, Russia Viktovit, Vitasan-Plant Russia, Krasnogorskleksredstva Russia, Krasnodar pharmaceutical factory Russia, Lek Farm groups of plants with antimicrobial and disinfectant activity Manufacturers Aventine-EkohelpRossiya, Azulene-TemryukRossiya, Astrakhan pharmaceutical fabrikaRossiya, Borisov Plant of Medical preparatovBelarus, ViktovitRossiya, Vitasan-PlantRossiya, KrasnogorskleksredstvaRossiya, Krasnodar pharmaceutical Fabre International name Calendula officinalis Synonyms Calendula , Calendula ointment , Calendula tincture , Calendula flowers , Calendula extract , Calendula extract liquid Formulations [flowers box 20g], [50g pack of flowers] [flowers box 50g] [8d blister briquette flowers] [flowers wrapping paper 40g] [flowers 20g package], [20g packing flowers] [flowers then 1.5 g filter bag] [flowers box 30g] [flowers pack 100g] [tsaetki core Composition of Raw Materials: carotenoids , flavonoids , mucous substances . Ointment: calendula tincture , grease water emulsion -Vaseline . Tincture: 1:10 tincture of 70% ethanol from marigold flowers medicinal calendula officinalis . Indications for use of inflammatory diseases of the mouth, upper respiratory tract, sore throat, holetsistity.

Country of origin Belgium Farm Group fenilperidina derivatives and other opioid analgesics Manufacturers Janssen Pharmaceutica N.V.Belgiya International name Talamonal Dosage form

Form and you, s alts or esters of formic acid. Of formate esters are the most important methyl ester methyl formate, HCOOCH 3 , and ethyl formate, HCOOC 2 H 5 ,-a colorless liquid with a pleasant odor , t refluxing 31,5 ° C and 54,1 ° C, respectively.

Or sequential fractionation fractional dissolution
Sequential extraction. Multilayer polymer sample is subjected to sequential extraction of binary liquid mixtures, the solvent power which gradually increases.

Country of origin United States of America Farm Group solutions for peritoneal dialysis Manufacturers Baxter Helskea KorporeyshnSoedinennye States

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