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Ladies FORMULA "chitosan"
Country of origin United States of America Farm Group food supplements for persons controlling body weight Manufacturers Pharma MedSoedinennye States International name Ladies formula "chitosan" Dosage forms of TB fl Composition One tablet contains : Chitin -250mg.

lyase , a class of enzymes that catalyze the district of, as a result of to-ryh the cleavage of the C-C, C-O, C-N or al., Accompanied by the formation double bonds, as well as the inverse of the district-accession to the double bond.

LACTIC ACID 2-hydroxy-propionic-ta CH 3 SNONSOON, they say. m. 90.1; bestsv. crystals. Known D + lactic-ta, D--Dairy meat and dairy-ta and racemic. Lactic acid-lactic fermentation-ta. For D, L-and D-lactic acid, m.p. respectively.

rubidium from the Latin. rubidus-red; rubidium Rb, chem. element I c. periodicity. system at. n. 37 at. m. 85.4678; refers to alkali metals. In nature, occurs in the form of a mixture stub. isotope 85 Rb 72,15% and radioactive 87 Rb 27,85%; T 1/2 4,8 • 10 10 s, b -izluchatel.

The dispersed phase
mgr th rsnaya p and for, collection of small homogeneous solid particles, liquid droplets or gas bubbles uniformly distributed in the surrounding dispersion medium.

isopropyl and ester, diisopropyl ether, aliphatic ether, CH 3 2 CHOCHCH 3 2 ; colorless mobile liquid with a characteristic odor of ether; t boiling point 68,5 ° C, the density of 0.7244 g/cm 3 20 ° C, n 20 D 1,3681, t GSP -22,5 ° C, in air explosive limits 1,1-4,5% by volume to 100 ° C. At 20 ° C, dissolved in water 0.94% isopropyl ether, isopropyl ether-0.55% by weight water.

V chlorine fluoride
Synonyms: hlorpentaftorid Appearance: colorless. gas Gross-formula system Hill: ClF 5 The molecular weight in amu .: 130,44 The melting point in & deg ; C:-93 Boiling point in & deg; C:-13 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C: 250 Weight: 1 93-20 & deg; C, g/cm 3 Additional information: Water decomposes.

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