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dopamine [2-3,4-digidroksifeniletilamina hydrochloride, dopamine, dopmin, cardiosteril, p la I], belongs to the catecholamines; they say. m. 189.66; bestsv. or cream shade with crystals; t. pl. 245-249 & deg; C; well sol. ethanol and water; inactivated in the light, under the action of alkalis and oxidants. Dopamine-interm. product in the biosynthesis of noradrenaline from tyrosine. Prepared by treating the hydrochloride s alt gomoveratrilamina to-one at 100-115 & deg; C:
D ofamin-specificity. for neurotransmitter dopamine receptors, in high doses also stimulates a -and b -adrenergic receptors, and so on. arr. Cardiac output increases causing small changes in blood pressure and heart rate and force of contraction without increasing the overall Peripheral. resistance. Unlike the Apply dopamine as cardiovascular-in.
App. Literature for this article "dopamine» : "Cardiology", 1981, vol. 21, № 6, p. 80-84; M. D. Mashkovsky, Medicines, 9 ed., Moscow, 1984, ch. 1, p. 304-307; Goldberg L. J., "Pharmacological Reviews", v. 24, № 1, 1972, p. 1-29. TK Trubitsina.

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