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Laminated glued wood

2017-12-08 00:00:00

Laminated glued wood , composed of glued together sheets of veneer sheets sometimes in combination with others. Materials. To include wood laminate laminated plywood, plywood and blockboard, these materials are widely used in production-ve furniture, container, in the p-ve, shipbuilding, wagon, car, etc., As well as wood laminates. For the manufacture of wood laminated plywood used Ch. arr. wood foliage. species, in particular birch. Binders-fenolo-or urea-formald. resin. Plywood glued of three or more sheets of veneer; location wood fibers in two adjacent layers are mutually perpendicular. DOS. tehnol stage. process: 1 Preparation of wood-cutting, hydro and heat treatment to obtain veneer lathe, drying in steam up to 140 & deg; C or gas up to 350 & deg; C dryers, sorting, removal of defects and their sealing, gluing pieces of veneer sheets given format; 2 coating the sheet with the liquid binder 105-145 g per 1 m 2 veneer on t. Called. applicator package assembly machine, and the gasket or an adhesive film between the sheets of paper impregnated with resin; 3 preform stack packages in the press without heating and bonding veneers in high-rise press at 110-150 & deg; C and 1.8-2.2 MPa in certain cases-with lower t-re or pressure, depending on the type of binder and design press unit; 4 cooling material, edging and polishing. The thickness of the plywood 1,5-18 mm format 1525 3 1525 or 1220 3 2440 mm. Stand-st plywood m. B. faced with veneer, paper texture, thin sheets of plywood Bakelized-more dense and durable material than conventional cm. Table .. Produce it from birch veneer, pre-impregnated or coated with phenol-formald. alcohol-soluble resin is most often dried at 80-90 & deg; C and then aged in a room for 24 hours. The package of pressing veneer sheets is carried out at 145-150 & deg; C and 3.5-4.5 MPa placenta. cooling. In plywood, unlike plywood, wood fibers in all layers, except for the central, m. b. are parallel to each other, their direction can be changed in every sixth layer, etc.. The thickness of the plates 8-78 mm, length 1220-2200 mm, width 1220-1525 mm. Joinery plate-sheet thickness is usually 16-30 mm, the two outer layers to-cerned are made of veneer sheets and the average educated cut veneer strips or strips. historical. Help. Plywood is known for many centuries; in Russia, it began to make a con. 19 in. The growth of pro-wah in million m 3 /year: in 1950 in the world-6.02, in the USSR-0.7; in 1980 in the world-40.3, in the USSR-2,0.
App. Literature for this article "Laminated glued wood» : AN Kirillov, Karasev EI, plywood production technology, Moscow, 1974; Kulikov VA, Plywood. M .. 1976.
E. D. Mercier.

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