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And polutrivialnye Trivial names. In-
2.11. -The following is a partial list of trivial and polutrivialnyh titles that are saved for the respective compounds and are the basis for the names of condensed systems. They are arranged in the order opposite to that adopted in the rule B-3 . Names shown radicals are formed by the rule B-5. 2.12. and polutrivialnye-Follow trivial names are retained, but use them for naming condensed systems is not recommended.

Monovalent radicals
13.1. -The following are the names of the monovalent radicals of monocyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with the free valence atom entering the ring.

The heterocyclic spiro compounds. B-0
option rules B-11 10.1. -The names of heterocyclic spiro compounds, the individual links which are only simple monocyclic structure may be formed by the addition of & laquo; a & raquo;-oboznacheny hetero see.

Unramified ensembles
54.1. -Unramified ensembles consisting of three or more identical hydrocarbon ring system call, adding to the name of the hydrocarbon corresponding to the repeating group, certain numerical prefix.

Ensembles hydrocarbon rings. A-5
51.1. -Compounds containing two or more ring systems fused or separate rings of which are directly connected to each other by single bonds or double, the nu

Simple functions
17. Compounds with simple functions are substances that contain only one kind of function, although it had been repeated many times in the same molecule. 18. If the molecule contains only one functional group of the main chain is selected so that the functional group was in this circuit.

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