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Environmental quality standards
Environmental Quality Standards-a set of common requirements for the state of natural and industrial facilities.

CHEMICAL basis of ecological interactions of environmental factors of the environment
Outside the body environment-are natural bodies and phenomena with which it is in direct or indirect ways. Environmental conditions that could have a direct or indirect impact on living organisms are called environmental factors.

Currently, the environment is a complex set of integrated science. Chemists must have a sufficiently clear understanding of the relationship tehnizirovannogo modern society and the environment, the functioning of the biosphere in terms of the growing anthropogenic pressure, methods of analysis of natural objects, quality control, environmental chemistry and places in environmental science.

Anthropogenic cycle of matter. Resource cycle
A man transforms rapidly cycling processes of chemical elements, not only on the local, but also the biosphere level. Humanity-is part of the biosphere with its production.

The cycle of nutrients
We know that carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur form living organisms. However, these organisms can not live without enough many other elements-metal cations.

The composition of the atmosphere
The atmosphere is a very complex system. It permeates the radiation emitted by the sun and their high-energy particles and cosmic radiation. This flow of energy has a significant effect on the chemical atmosphere.

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