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Synonyms: magnesium chloride hexahydrate Appearance: colorless. monoclinic crystals Gross Hill formula system: H 1 2 Cl

Country of origin Russia Farm Group Mucolytic means Manufacturers Lance-FarmRossiya International name Meena Synonyms Mistabron , Mukoflyuid , UROMITEKSAN , UROMITEKSAN 400 mg, 600 mg UROMITEKSAN Dosage forms solution for intravenous injection 10% The composition of the active substance : Mesna . Indications for use solution for injection: prevention urotoksichnosti cytostatics-derivatives oksazafosforinov, hemorrhagic cystitis caused by alkylating agents.

Country of origin Italy Farm Group Histamine and its analogs Manufacturers Prodotti FormentiItaliya International name Betahistine Synonyms Betaserk Dosage forms of tablets 8mg , oral drops 1.25% The composition of the active substance -betahistine . Indications for use of disease and Meniere`s syndrome including tinnitus and hearing loss, vestibular vertigo of various origins atherosclerosis brain, vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, vertebrobasilar insufficiency, post-traumatic encephalopathy, benign positional vertigo after neurosurgical operations.

Country of origin France Farm Group Skin care Manufacturers Niverfarm France International name Emulsion skin Synonyms Antiruzher, Arkeskin, microemuls

Country of origin Egypt Farm groups of antibiotics of the penicillin group Manufacturers IpikoEgipet International name Amoxicillin Synonyms Amin , Amoksikar , Amoksillat , Amoksillat-250, Amoxicillin , Amoxicillin Vathem , Amoxicillin trihydrate , Amoxicillin-Ratiopharm , Amoxicillin Ratiopharm -250 TC-Teva Amoxicillin , amoxicillin sodium sterile , amoxicillin trihydrate , Amokson , Am Dosage forms suspension 125mg, 250mg suspension The composition of the active substance -amoxicillin . Indications for use of respiratory tract infections and otolaryngology bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis, acute otitis media, pharyngitis, sinusitis, urinary system urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, endometritis, uncomplicated gonorrhea, skin and soft tissue , GI peritonitis, enterocolitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, typhoid fever; leptospirosis, listeriosis, meningitis, Lyme disease, Lyme disease, endocarditis prophylaxis and surgical infection; Combination therapy of gastritis and peptic ulcer disease in combination with metronidazole , sepsis, together with aminoglycosides.

Water for injection
Country of origin Russia, Belgorodvitaminy Russia, Borisov Medical Preparations Plant Belarus, Russia Voron

LAVASEPT concentrate
Country of origin Germany Farm Group antiseptics Manufacturers Fresenius AG Germany International name Polihexanide Synonyms Lavasept Dosage Forms solution Composition 1 ml of the concentrated solution comprises Polihexanide-200 mg Macrogol 4000 glycol 4000-10 mg. Indications for use of the drug is used to treat acute and chronic infections of soft tissues and bones ; to prevent infections during surgical vmeshatelstv.

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