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Country of origin Russia Farm Group Antiemetics Manufacturers FarmzaschitaRossiya International name Diksafen Dosage forms solution for inject

Country of origin Belgium, Pharmacy and Upjohn Belgium Farm Group prostaglandins and their synthetic derivatives Manufacturers ApdzhonBelgiya, Pharmacy and ApdzhonBelgiya International name Alprostadil Synonyms Alprostan , Vazaprostan, Prostin BP , Edeks Dosage forms powder for solution for injection 20mkg powder 10mkg sterile powder sterile, lyophilized powder for solution for injection 10mkg The composition of the active substance -alprostadil . Indications for Use Erectile dysfunction neurogenic, vascular, psychogenic or mixed aetiology; conducting pharmacological test in complex diagnostic tests with erectile dysfunction, chronic obliterating diseases of arteries, limb artery atherosclerosis, diabetic angiopathy, vasculitis, peripheral circulatory disorders, congenital heart defects duktuszavisimye in newborns.

PENCIL equalizer
Country of origin France Farm Group Medical cosmetics for skin Manufacturers of Laboratory Aven France International name Co

OIL "Penguin"
Farm Group Skin care International name Oil cosmetic Synonyms Baby Bonar oil , Vitaskin body oil , compositions of essential oils , Cosmetic oil lip , Cosmetic o

Ksantoproteinovaya REACTION
ksantoproteinovaya REACTION , the color qualities. p-tion on proteins. For its implementation to the p-py protein was added conc. HNO 3 as long until no further precipitation, to-ing with heat.

FRUCTOSE arabino-geksuloza, levulose, fruit sugar,-D-fpyktopipanoza f-la I-hygroscopic bestsv. prisms or needles; t. pl. 103-105 0 C dec.; -132,2 & deg; -92, 4 & deg; concentration of 4 g in 100 ml of H 2 O; index changes as a result mutarotation; well sol.

foams cellular or foamed plastics, gas-filled polymers, compositions. matrix material with a skeleton of the polymer film forming the walls of the cells and ribs pores filled with gas preim.

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