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NYCOMED flutamide
Country of origin Canada Farm Group antiandrogens Manufacturers Apotex InkKanada International name flutamide Synonyms Andraksan , Niftolid , Flutakan , flutamide , flutamide Pliva , Flutapleks , Flutsinom, flutamide, Frug Dosage forms coated tablets 250mg The composition of the active substance : Flutamide . Indications for use Palliative treatment of advanced prostate cancer including metastatic . Differential diagnosis of hypogonadism in men.

Country of origin Russia, altayvitaminy Russia, Veropharm/Belgorod Branch of Russian, Russian Dalkhimpharm, Uralbiofarm Russia, Ufavita Russia, Shchelkovo Vitamin Plant Russian Farm Group Multivitamins without minerals Manufacturers ICN MarbiofarmRossiya, altayvitaminyRossiya, Veropharm/Belgorod filialRossiya, DalhimfarmRossiya, UralbiofarmRossiya, UfavitaRossiya, Shchelkovsky vitamin zavodRossiya International name Geksavit Synonyms Geksavit-UWI Dosage forms of tablets coated pills The composition of retinol acetate , thiamine bromide , riboflavin , nicotinamide , pyridoxine hydrochloride , ascorbic acid . Indications for use in the prevention of hypovitaminosis, long-term antibiotic treatment , as well as employees whose work requires increased visual acuity.

Country of origin France Farm Group Wed Islands for lechen.trihomonoza, amoebiasis and other protozoal infections Manufacturers Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, France

GALOGENALDEGIDY And haloketones . By mutual arrangement of the carbonyl group and a halogen atom in the molecule distinguish , , . and the city, and so on. d. They come in a district of the peculiar as halogenated hydrocarbons and carbonyl compounds.

WOOD laminate
WOOD laminate , manufactured by compressing 145 & deg; C, 12,5-20 MPa, followed. reduction t Temperature and pressure package of sheets peeled birch veneer. Pre-dry, seasoned sorted veneer impregnated with alcohol-soluble phenol-formald.

Country of origin France Farm Group Cosmetics Manufacturers of Laboratory Lierak France International name Spray Body Synonyms av

Kabachnik Fields REACTION
Kabachnik Fields REACTION , method of synthesis a -aminofosforilnyh conn., which consists of the simultaneous or sequential action on NH 3 , primary or secondary amines and aldehydes or ketones hydrophosphoryl compounds.

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