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Country of origin Russia, Krka dd Slovenia, Krka dd/Vector Slovenia Farm Group Multivitamins with macro-and microelements Manuf

Country of origin Russia, Azulene-Temryuk Russia, Ivan tea Russia, Krasnogorskleksredstva Russia, with the company Lek Russia, Medifarm, Scientific and medical firm Russia, Tehmedservis Russia, Russian Firm He alth, Phyto EM Russia Farm groups of plants used as anthelmintics Manufacturers Aventine-EkohelpRossiya, Azulene-TemryukRossiya, Ivan chayRossiya, KrasnogorskleksredstvaRossiya, Lek With FirmaRossiya, Medifarm, Scientific Medical firmaRossiya, TehmedservisRossiya, ZdoroveRossiya company, Phyto-EMRossiya International name Cucurbita pepo Dosage Forms [raw seed], [40g box of seeds] [seeds pack 50g], [50g box of seeds] [seeds pack 100g] [seeds 100g box] The fatty oil , phytosterol, resinous substances , ascorbic acid , vitamin B1 . Indications Treatment tenidozov invasion bovine and pork tapeworm, diphyllobothriasis, hymenolepiasis.

Country of origin India Farm Group Antimicrobial-fluoroquinolones Manufacturers Unique Pharmaceutical Laboratories India International name pefloxacin Synonyms Abaktal , Peloks-400, Perth, Perfloks, Peflatsin, Peflobid, Pefloksafer, pefloxacin , pefloxacin methane sulfonate dihydrate, pefloxacin-Akos pefloxacin mesylate , pefloxacin mesylate Dosage forms coated tablets 400mg, solution for intravenous injection 4 mg/ml solution for infusion 4mg/ml The composition of the active substance -pefloxacin . Indications for use Infections of the upper and lower respiratory and urinary tract infections, gastrointestinal salmonellosis, typhoid fever, skin and soft tissue , epididymitis, otitis media, prostatitis, gonorrhea, chancroid, inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs in women cholecystitis, cholangitis, gallbladder empyema, intra-abdominal abscesses, peritonitis, septicemia, infectious edokardit, meningitis, osteomyelitis, infectious arthritis; prevention of surgical infection.

Soap stock , the sludge resulting from the alkali refining grow. oils and fats in zhiropererabatyvayuschey prom-sti; belongs to the category of recurrent waste. And has a complicated structure changeable depending on the nature of the oil or fat and a binding-acid number-VA related to in-et al., And refining method tehnol implementation and precision.

cyc cycloalkenes cycles unsaturated. monocyclic. total hydrocarbons f-ly C n H 2n _ 2 . Cycloolefins and their derivatives are alicyclic compounds.

SOFIA. Vitamins for hair and nails. FORMULA 40 PLUS
Country of origin Russia Farm Group Supplements-sources multivitamin containing minerals Manufacturers Handicap-FarmRossiya International name Sophia.

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