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Contacting photos
drawn th of in the photo-chemical process carried out to produce a positive image of the object on the same positive film photographic materials, which survey was carried out.

Barium bromate monohydrate
Appearance: colorless. monoclinic crystals Formula as text: BabrO32 h2O The molecular weight in amu .: 411,17 The decomposition temperature in & deg; C: 180 Solubility in g/100 g or characteristic: acetone-insoluble water: 0.3 0 & deg; C water: 5.7 100 & deg; C Ethanol: Insoluble Weight: 3,95 20 & deg; C, g/cm 3 Additional information: When crystallization from hot concentrated solution in the solution are observed blue flashes followed by sounds.

O, O-diethyl-S-karbetoksietilditiofosfat
Synonyms: protion The molecular weight in amu .: 286,35 LD50 lethal dose in mg/kg: 2600 rat oral Application: The insecticide. Sources of information

Gross Hill formula system: C 1 6 H 1 9 N 3 O 3 The molecular weight in amu .: 301,34036 Natural and anthropogenic sources: contained in all parts of the plant Dichroa antifebrile Dichroa febrifuga Lour.

The thymus gland
thymus --cm. Thymus.

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